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Library Guide for Students

This guide is for students who need guidance on accessing library resources at Moorpark College.

Academic Databases

  • Mini search engines with authoritative and credible information
  • Are accessible off campus with your VCCCD username and password
  • Resources are free and you can download, print, and email them to yourself
  • Contain searchable information about subjects or studies for reading, writing, and research
  • Gain access to peer-reviewed articles, newspapers, magazines, reports, and reference materials

Search Strategy

Break Your Topic Down Into Concepts


  • If you're researching “rates of sexually transmitted infections across race,” your search should include three concepts: 1) Sexually Transmitted Infections; 2) race; and 3) rates

Articles may refer to the same concept using different terms-use different keywords when searching to retrieve the maximum number of articles.


  • Some articles may refer to STIs as “sexually transmitted infectionsothers may use the term "sexually transmitted diseases"
  • To retrieve the maximum number of relevant articles, search for "sexually transmitted infections" OR "sexually transmitted diseases" when you begin searching
  • If you're looking for articles on the “psychological impact of contracting an STI,” you might use the terms impact, effect, or consequence to retrieve relevant articles.

Library Databases by Subject