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Library Guide for Students

This guide is for students who need guidance on accessing library resources at Moorpark College during the reopening of campus.

WiFi in the Library

Wi-Fi in the Library

Please select the student Wi-Fi account and login with your MyVCCCD username and password. If you are using an Apple device, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi & turn the Wi-Fi to the student network on
  2. Open up a web browser like Safari or Chrome and go to
  3. A security message will appear on a white screen
  4. Bypass the white screen by continuing and going to the website (click on the link in blue near the bottom of the the page)
  5. Enter your login credentials

Visiting the library

The library building is open! We are excited to see you in person, but due to the ongoing pandemic your visit will be a little different.  

  1. When you visit the library, please enter through the right side set of automatic doors labeled ENTER HERE. 
  2. Please scan the QR code with your MyVCCCD app for the location where you are going. There are different codes for each floor which will help the Student Health Center with contract tracing. 
  3. When you leave the library, please use the EXIT ONLY doors by the Circulation Desk.  

How to Contact Us