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A guide for students, faculty, and staff on how to gain access to the New York Times Online.


All Moorpark College students, faculty and staff now have full complimentary access to and NYT mobile apps, thanks to our school-wide subscription. We encourage you to take advantage of the world-class journalism of The New York Times to enrich your educational experience. covers a variety of topics with unsurpassed quality and depth through breaking news articles, blogs, videos and interactive features. In addition, you will be able to share content on social networks, save articles of interest, subscribe to email newsletters and set up personalized alerts. Your access to is available from any location, on or off campus.

Direct Subscription to The New York Times

New York Times Online Activate Header

Create Your Account

To set up your free account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in "Moorpark College" as the institution and follow instructions based on your status.

You must use your school email address. After registering, you can access the New York Times directly by going to or connecting via mobile app.

Watch The New York Times video walk through of the activation process.

What's Included

  • A free personal account to
  • Access via the web or mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Multimedia content, including podcasts & visualizations
  • Teaching and learning content for faculty

The Academic Pass does NOT include Premium Crosswords, the New York Times Crosswords apps, e-reader editions, or Times Premier content.

Linking to

Linking to FAQ

  • When linking to an article, which URL should I use?

Use the URL that is visible in the browser location/address bar when you view the article on our site. You can also search or use a Times API to get article URLs, but for best results, always refer to the URL that appears when you actually view the article. If you are not able to view the article on, it is not available for linking.

  • When my users click an link on my website, a registration page opens. Can I create a link that bypasses registration?

Only users who have not already registered with will be required to register before gaining access to a linked page. The registration process cannot be bypassed; however, registration is free.

To learn more about linking to, go to their FAQ site. 

Already registered for New York Times online?

If you have a paid personal account, and you'd like to change it to a free MC-sponsored account, you'll need to cancel your personal account before you can claim your free account.

To cancel an existing account, please contact New York Times Customer Care: Phone: 800-698-4637. For problems setting up accounts, email

New York Times through MC Library Databases

The MC Library also provides access via databases: