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Theatre Arts

A guide to the Moorpark College Library collection of books, databases, periodicals and Web sites on the subject of theater.

Plays with Two Actors

Use the following subjects in OneSearch to find plays with two people:

  1. "two character play"
  2. two character plays
  3. plays two actors
  4. dialogs
  5. dialogues
  6. dialogs AND plays

Selected Two Character Plays

Two-Character Plays for Student Actors

Main Collection
N2080 .M38 1988

Plays for Two

Main Collection 
PN2080 .P6 2014

30 Ten-Minute Plays for 2 Actors

Main Collection
PS627.O53 A16 2001

Doubletalk: 50 Comedy Duets for Actors

Professional level satirical dialogues excellent for drama competitions.
Main Collection (PN4291 .M47 1990)

Acting Duets for Young Women

These scenes for two female actors are divided into two sections: comedy and drama. 
Main Collection (PN2080 .A43 2010)


Duo cover page

Duo! the best scenes for the 90's : scenes for two

(Applause Acting Series). Over one-hundred and thirty great scenes erupt from page to stage in this addition to the Applause Acting Series. DUO! offers a full spectrum of age, region, genre, character, level of difficulty, and non-traditional casting potential.

Great Scenes for Young Actors

The book contains scenes for one female and one male, scenes for two females, scenes for two males, and scenes for groups. 
Main Collection (PN2080 .G729 1998)

Theatrical Duets for Stage, Competition, or Classroom

"This 3rd edition of Theatrical Duets includes many brand-new scripts, award-winning short plays, and other unique, powerful, and engaging scripts for a variety of settings. "
(New Books/Reference Desk PN 2080 S27 2019)