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Printing in the Library: Overview

A guide on using the new printing system in the Moorpark College Library

Changes to printing

Please note:  In order to use cash to pay for printing, there is a $1 activation fee for printing cards.  At least $1.10 must be put on the card before you can use it.

Introduction, copying and scanning are available in the Library & Learning Resources building (the Library) and Fountain Hall.


  • Printing and copying costs 10¢ per page for single-sided document; 20¢ for double-sided. 
  • You may pay with cash, credit or debit.
  • If you use cash (any bills or coins), you must get a copy card from the copy-card machine.
  • The card itself costs $1.
  • The copy-card machine does not give change.
  • Color copying/printing is 49¢ per page in the "Copiers" room on the 2nd/main floor of the LLR.
  • Faxing is not available from these machines (or anywhere on campus).
  • You may send your document from your own device, including your laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • You may print at the print station directly from your USB/flash/thumb drive.