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Printing in the Library: Overview

A guide on using the new printing system in the Moorpark College Library

Changes to printing

In order to use cash to pay for printing, there is a $1 activation fee for printing cards. Enter $2.00 in bills to activate a new print card.

Note: Currently the coin slot is out of order.  


Printing, copying and scanning are available in the Library & Learning Resources building (the Library) and Fountain Hall.


  • Printing and copying costs 10¢ per page for single-sided document; 20¢ for double-sided. 
  • You may pay with cash, credit or debit.
  • If you use cash (any bills or coins), you must get a copy card from the copy-card machine.
  • The card itself costs $1.
  • The copy-card machine does not give change.
  • Color copying/printing is 49¢ per page in the "Copiers" room on the 2nd/main floor of the LLR.
  • Faxing is not available from these machines (or anywhere on campus).
  • You may send your document from your own device, including your laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • You may print at the print station directly from your USB/flash/thumb drive.
  • When scanning from the printers in the library, you must send your file to the Reference Desk email at Please let the librarian at the desk know that you are sending the file, and they will ask for your email to send the file to once received.