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Library Guide for Faculty & Staff

This guide is for faculty & staff who need guidance on accessing library resources at Moorpark College during the reopening of campus.

Placing Holds

Step 1: Go to


Moorpark College website navigation bar with an arrow indicating the "Menu" option

Step 2: Selecting "Menu" will open an alphabetized list.


List of alphabetized buttons from the "Menu" option with an arrow pointing at the Library button

Step 3: Enter the title or keywords for the item you want.


Library catalog widget with "Dune" entered into the search bar

Step 4: Select the appropriate print title that fits your search.


Results for "Dune" catalog search with an arrow indicating the title for the print item

Step 5: The item's full information will open when selected. You will need to sign in using the sign in button under the "Get It" section.


Full information for "Dune" with an arrow indicating the "sign in" notification for viewing request options

Step 6: Sign in using your MyVCCCD credentials. If you get an error, please contact the library at 805-378-1450.


Pop-up window for logging in using "MyVCCCD" or "Guest" with arrow indicating "MyVCCCD"

Step 7: When you are signed in to MyVCCCD you will see a "Request" button appear in the "Get It" section of the item information.


"Request" button visible under the "Get It" section of the item's full information window

Step 8: The request window will open and allow you to add optional comments before sending your request.


Request window with comment field and "Send request" button

Step 9: You've done it! After your request has been placed you will receive a notification email when the item is ready for pickup as well as instructions on how to do so. If you have any questions about this process please call us at 805-378-1450.


Confirmation notification, text reads "Your request was successfully placed"