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English1A Agregan: Using the Web

A research guide for Prof. Agregran's English1A class

Domain Names

Limiting  your search to specific domains (.edu or .gov) can remove some of the less reputable websites from your Google searches. 

.com - commercial or business

.edu - educational institution

.org - organization (often non-profit)

.gov - government organization

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Use Google Scholar to search for academic articles. Please keep in mind that some of the material you find may not be fully accessible.

Google Advanced Search


When searching Google, you can click on the Settings link in the lower right corner to access the "Advanced Search." You can use Advanced Search functions to eliminate some of the "trash" from your search results. 

Try these Google Advanced Search Tips and Tricks

Website Evaluation

(based on Kathy Shrock's guide to evaluation)


  • Can you find the author?
  • Is the contact information provided correct?
  • Does the author have any credentials?
  • What makes the author an expert?

  • What is the purpose of the site? 
  • What type of audience is your article written for (general public, students, experts)? 


  • When was the story posted? 
  • When was the last update to the website?
  • Does your topic require current information? 


  • Where did the information come from? 
  • Is the information linked to any organizations that may demonstrate a bias?
  • Does the source present fact or opinion?


  • Why is this information useful for my research?
  • Why should I use this? Can you verify that this is a credible source? 
  • How in depth is the material? Is it basic informative information you can get anywhere?


Evaluating News Sources