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English1A Agregan: Google & Google Scholar

A research guide for Prof. Agregran's English1A class

Google Scholar & the MC Library


Limit your Google searches to .gov (state and federal government sites) or .edu (schools, colleges and universities) or .org (nonprofits) domains by going to "Settings," selecting  "Advanced Search" and entering your domain choices:



The fastest way to find good-quality, free resources is to use the library databases and catalog.  Use Google Scholar as a backup, only if you are unable to find enough information in the library.  Google Scholar adds additional steps to your online search: you must not only filter through many results to find an article you want, but you then must check to see if the Moorpark College library databases index the article.  Then you have to check to see if the indexing includes a full-text option.

Set up Google Scholar

Access library resources while searching on Google Scholar.

Go to  and click on the 3-bar menu:

Open "Settings":

Click on "library links":

Look up Moorpark College.  Make sure the box is checked, and click "Save":


When you search on Google Scholar, you'll see a "Get it MC Library" link if we have the resource in our collection: