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Research Guide for Professor Colman's History 12 Class

Welcome to Your History 12 Study Guide

   Greetings! The purpose of this research guide is to provide you with tools to assist you in the following: 

          • Accessing research materials through the databases
          • Distinguishing between scholarly and popular resources
          • Finding books in the library 
          • Accessing eBooks (in the library and off-campus)
          • Citing your sources in MLA format
          • Using the library resources from off-campus locations


Paper Instructions

History 12
Spring, 2016
Research Paper Instructions
Worth: 50 points

As you know, the US Treasury recently announced that by 2020 a woman will appear on the $10 bill. No official candidates have yet been announced, but who better to choose than students in a Women’s History class? 

Your assignment is to choose the woman YOU think most deserves to appear on the currency. So far, the US Treasury has announced the following requirements for the woman who will appear on the $10 bill:

  1. She must be a woman.
  2. She must be dead.
  3. She must represent “democracy.”

With these parameters, your assignment is to select the best candidate. You may select any woman we have studied in class- either in lecture, film, or textbook. Your paper should introduce the reader to the woman but the emphasis should be on her representation of “democracy” and why she is the best person to appear on the $10 bill. 


-Use MLA format to parenthetically cite quotations

- Include a works cited page in MLA format with at least four academic sources

-Minimum 800 words, not counting title, name, date, etc.

-Submit to

- See Rubric in attached document!

History Class ID: 12440323

Password: tendollar

Assignment: Ten Dollar

Due: by May 8, 2016 at 11:59 pm

*Late papers will lose 10% per day

If you have not used before, it is very easy to use. Please make an account soon, and see me if you have any trouble. You do not need to turn in a hard copy to me, but keep in mind that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure successful submission (keep a copy of the submission receipt). Please note that is an anti-plagiarism website. Any originality report over 30% may be subject to loss of points. An originality report over 50% is an automatic 0/50 for the assignment. For research assistance or MLA help, please consult this online research guide and always feel free to ask any reference librarian for help! For assistance in writing your paper please see the Writing Center on the 3rd floor of the LLR.

In case you missed it, here is the video that was discussed in class: 

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Get Help

In person:

See the reference librarian in person at the Library Reference Desk for immediate service.

Phone us at: 805-378-1472

We will answer right away unless we are helping another student. If we don’t pick up, leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can. 

Email us

Email us your reference question being as clear and specific as possible concerning your needs. Although reference librarians don’t do your research for you, they can suggest where and how to find information. It is often helpful to know why you are doing research: is it for a class, what is the assignment and other helpful information. Be sure to indicate any deadlines you have.