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Library Guide for Online Students

This guide is for students taking online classes at Moorpark College

Library Returns

Please return borrowed laptops and hotspots to the library in-person by the end of the semester. 

Do not return laptops or hotspots at any library book drop.

When are Library Items Due?

Please return library items before the end of the semester. To renew books, you may call us at 805-378-1450.

How to Return Library Items

You can return library books by using the Library Book Drop in Parking Lot M or the book drop attached to the library building. Scroll down this page to learn more about where to locate these book drops. Laptops and hotspots must be returned in-person at the library. 

Questions? Please Contact Us

Phone: 805-378-1450


Returning Books to the Library Book Drop

The book drops are for materials that you have checked out from the Moorpark College Library.
Please do not return any bookstore materials here.

There is one book drop in Parking Lot M which is located near the Performing Arts building in the lot below where the bus stop is. To get here, follow Collins Rd. along the left side of campus and turn right at University Dr.

Moorpark College campus map indicating Parking Lot M near the left side of the map

The book drop is on a concrete divider in Parking Lot M.

Library book drop in Parking Lot M

The other book drop is attached to the library building. When you are facing the front of the library, the book drop will be on the far left side of the building.



Stay on the path/ramp that is attached to the library building, do not walk down the sidewalk.



The book drop will be attached to the wall of the library building.  You can pull down the door handle and drop the book in the slot.