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*English1B Literary Criticism

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MLA Works Cited Examples from Print Reference Sources

Be sure to check out the Moorpark College Library's MLA Citation Guide 9th edition, as well as the examples listed below.

Literary Criticism Reference Book examples:

Introductory material/When no author is given:

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."  Novels for Students, edited by Marie Rose  Napierbowski and Deborah A. Stanley, vol.  6,  Gale,

1999, pp. 1-24.

Critical Essays published in a Reference Book:

Dominic, Catherine.  "A Cup of Tea."  Short Story Criticism, edited by Matthew Derda, vol. 39, Gale, 2014, pp. 71-75.

When the material is reprinted from an article originally published in a periodical:

Gough, Elizabeth. "Vision and Division: Voyeurism in the Works of Isabel Allende." Contemporary Literary Criticism, edited by

Jeffrey W. Hunter, vol. 264, Gale, 2009, pp. 120-138.  Originally published in Journal of Modern Literature, vol. 27, no. 4,

Summer 2004, pp. 93-120.

When the material is reprinted from a work originally published in another book:

Goddard, Harold C. "Hamlet." Shakespearean Criticism, edited by Laurie Lanzen Harris, vol. 1, Gale, 1984, pp. 194-198.  Originally

published in The Meaning of Shakespeare, by Harold C. Goddard, University of Chicago Press, 1960, pp. 331-386.

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