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Communication Studies M05: Oral Interpretation/Literature: Books with Themes

This guide is intended to help you learn about using the library resources to find short stories, plays, and poetry.

Searching by Themes/Subject in the Library Catalog

When using the Library Catalog, try the following subjects:

Poetry: War poetry, peace poetry, children's poetry, Christian life poetry

Short Story: short stories women, African short stories, Latin American short stories, Jewsih short stories, African American short stories

Drama: One act plays, children's plays, detective and mystery plays

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Short Stories for Students, Drama for Students and Poetry for Students are a series of volumes presenting analysis, context, and criticism on commonly studied short stories, drama and poetry. The texts of the story or play are not included in these volumes. In Poetry for Students, the texts of poems are included in most cases. To find a short story on your subject or theme, use the Subject/Theme Index in the back of each volume. For example, in the screenshot below and under the theme of "Dual Cultural Life of the Immigrant," there is a story entitled This Blessed House with the page numbers. The author is not listed in the index. The short stories, poems and plays in these volumes are arranged alphabetically by title. To find the author, look up the title of the short story and find the author. The story was written by Jumpa Lahiri. Once you have the author, and to find out whether or not we have the story in our collection, search the Library Catalog.  When searching for a short story in the Library Catalog, use quotation marks (" ") when the title of your short story is two words or longer. Example: "This blessed house"

themes index from Short Stories for Students screenshot