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MLA Citation Guide 7th Edition: Citing a website

Guide to MLA Citations

Basic Website Citation

Basic Works Cited Entry

To cite items found on the web, provide as much of the following information as possible

Author's last name, Author's first name. "Title of the Work." Title of

Overall Website. Publisher of the website or N.p. if no publisher is

indicated, date of publication. Medium of publication. Day Month

Year page was accessed.

 Note: MLA style recommends including the URLs for websites only if the source cannot be readily located without the URL. Check with your professor. If you need to include the URL, put it in angle brackets after the date of access. Break URLS only after slashes.

Web page

"Africa Top 10 Internet Countries."  Internet World Stats. Miniwatts

Marketing Group, March 2009. Web. 18 June 2009.

Need more?

Additional examples and explanations for web publication citations are found on pages 181-93 in the MLA Handbook (2009), or visit the websites listed on the MLA home page.

Article from a website

Valdes, Robert. "How Autopsies Work." How Stuff Works. Discovery Communications,

n.d. Web. 18 June 2009.

Work from the web also published in print

Bell, Alexander Graham. The Multiple Telegraph, Invented by A. Graham Bell. Boston:

Rand, 1876. Google Book Search. Web. 18 June 2009.