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Embedding the Library in Canvas

This guide will help faculty with linking library content into their Canvas courses.

Embedding Research Guides

What are Research Guides?

Research guides are created by librarians and contain information on topics or subjects to help students with learning how to conduct reseach. Moorpark College Library Research Guides are useful to students because they provide in-depth information and step-by-step instructions or tutorials. Here is a list of all of the library's guides. 


How do you embed a Research Guide into a Canvas Course?

Step 1: From an existing module in Canvas, click the “+” button

Step 2. From the drop down menu, select "External Tool" 

3. Select "Libapps Library Content", then click on "Add Item"

4. Click on "Library Guides"

Step 5: Select "Full LibGuide"

Step 6: Scroll through the window to find the LibGuide you want to embed

Step 7: Select a landing page, and click on "Embed Content" and "Add Item"