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Psychology M02.Boucquey-Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience: Starting Page

Research guide for Professor Boucquey's Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience


Welcome to Prof. Boucquey's PSY M02 research guide. This guide is intended to help you learn about a variety of resources useful for conducting psychology research and to provide you with tools to assist you in the following: 

  1. Finding books
  2. Finding reference materials
  3. Finding articles through the databases
  4. Citing your sources in APA style

Before starting your research, make a list of the main concepts you want to learn about and identify the “keywords” that represent and describe these concepts. Consider alternative spellings, synonyms, acronyms and related terms for your keywords. Look at the "Help" pages of each database to find out more about refining your search results.
Some keywords and subject terms to consider:
Neurosciences, brain, neuropsychology, neurobehavioral disorders, aphasia, cognitive disorders, cognitive psychology, prosopagnosia, Broca’s aphasia, and Wernicke’s aphasia

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