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English1B Loughman: Databases

Research Guide for Professor Loughman's English 1B Online Class

Using the Databases

Literature Resource Center

When searching LRC, use the "Person Search" or "Works Search" below the search box to find online resources.  To use the Gale Literary Index to locate print resources, please refer to the "Finding Critical Essays in Reference" tab under the "Books" tab of this guide.

If we do a "Works Search" on Animal Farm, we will see the following results:

By selecting the second on the list, the novel by George Orwell, we will get a results page that looks like this:

Note the "Content Types" in the right-hand column of the results page.  There are 13 articles of literary criticism and eight topic and work overviews.  You may click on those links to view specific article types.

Need more help?

Watch short video tutorials on using Gale's Literature Resource Center.