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Faculty Guide to the Library: Recommendations for Additions to the Library's Collection

A guide to library services for faculty

Recommendations for Books

Student grabbing a book from the library's bookshelvesThe library welcomes recommendations from the faculty for purchase of materials. We rely on your expertise to develop and maintain the collection in your subject areas and encourage recommendations for materials that will support your classroom assignments.

Books/eBooks/library materials requests are encouraged. You may email one of the librarians with your recommendations or or submit your requests electronically by completing the Item Request Form. Please provide as much information as possible on your recommended items. The library orders books and library materials as funds permit. Once the book is cataloged and processed, we will notify you by email.

Recommendations for Periodicals

Book cover for a academic journal

If you have recommendations for periodical subscriptions, please submit your titles by email to one of the librarians or electronically by completing the Item Request Form. In order to insure that periodical subscriptions begin with the calendar year, subscriptions are ordered once a year in late August. At that time, your periodical request will be considered for purchase.Please keep in mind that the primary goal of the library collection is to support the college curriculum.

New & Revised Courses

When preparing the Course Outline of Record (COR) for a new course or revision of a current course, you will be asked to fill out Section XII, “Review of Library Resources.” This section is designed to insure that the college library has adequate materials to support the course’s assignments. You will be asked to indicate how library resources might be used in the course assignments and whether or not the library’s resources are sufficient. At the Technical Review Meeting, before the actual Curriculum Committee meeting, a librarian, who is a member of the Tech Review Committee, will consult with you about the need for additional resources. Should the library not have adequate materials to support your course, you may be asked to submit a list of recommended materials for purchase. If you have any questions in this matter, please do not hesitate to call.
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