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Student Guide to the Library: Making Use of the Facilities

A guide to library services for students

Computers for Student Use

Is there a computer/internet lab in the library?

You are welcome to use Room 210, located just beyond the Circulation Desk, as an open access lab, where 30 computer stations are equipped with internet and Microsoft Office.  Please be aware that the librarians also use this room for instruction sessions.  A sign outside the room indicates when the room is reserved for library instruction sessions that day.

What if Room 210 is being used for a class, and all the other computers on the 2nd floor are occupied?

If the library computers are in use by other students, there are 140 computer workstations downstairs (1st floor) in the Open Access Lab; there are computer stations upstairs (3rd floor), too.  Print stations are available on each floor.


Where can I watch a DVD in the library?

The library has a number of DVD/VCR units available for your use; some are in the group study rooms, especially convenient if you want to view a film with several other people.  There are also individual units in the carrels nearest the Reference Desk and on the 3rd floor.  Please check out headphones from the Circulation Desk to make use of these individual players.

Where can I study with friends and classmates and not disturb others in the library?

There are several group study rooms in the library.  The rooms are located along the left and right sides of the 2nd floor.  Some rooms are equipped with DVD/VCR units that enable groups of students to view DVDs inside the rooms.  The rooms are not reserved and are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Individuals are permitted to use the study rooms as long as there are no groups waiting.

Is there a quiet place in the LLR where I can read and work?

The floors of the LLR are designated in the following way:

  • 1st floor - Very quiet
  • 2nd floor - Quiet study (away from doors and service desks)
  • 3rd floor - Open discussion / tutoring

There is also an outdoor patio downstairs with tables and chairs for your enjoyment.

What do I do if I think I lost something in the library?

The library has a Lost and Found.  Please ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Should you wish to eat or drink, please do so outside.  Moorpark College is a smoke-free campus, including e-cigarettes. 

Open Access Lab

On the 1st floor of the LLR is an open access computer lab. The lab is open during the hours the library is open and is equipped with 140 computer stations which have access to the internet, Microsoft Office, and additional educational software.

Computers for students are also available on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the LLR. Library classroom 210 on the 2nd floor is an open access lab when not reserved for library instruction sessions.