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MLA Citation Guide 9th Edition: Citing an eBook

MLA Citation Guide 9th Edition

What you will need to cite an eBook

To cite an e-book, you will need:

  1. Author (s), or editor (s)
  2. Title of the e-book italicized
  3. Publisher
  4. Date of publication
  5. Name of the database or website italicized
  6. DOI (digital object identifiers) or stable or permalink (if no DOI) - "if the DOI in your entry is not preceded by http:// or https:// precede the DOI with the following Doing so will allow others to call up the source in a browser window." (page 194 of the Handbook) 

eBook from a library database

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book (italicized). Publisher, Publication date. Database Name (italicized), URL or Permalink. 

eBook from the Web

Author's Last Name, First Name. Title of the Book (italicized). Publisher, Date of Publication. Name of the Internet Site or Database (italicized), URL. Accessed day month, year (if no publication year)