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Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)

This Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) guide covers the author-date system.

In-Text Citation Quick Notes

The format for in-text citation in Chicago Author-Date system  is to put the author’s last name and date followed by a comma “,” and then the page numbers. 

  1. The name and date must match those in the reference list entry.
  2. Separate the date from a page number with a comma. 
  3. Do not use punctuation between the author and the date.

For more details, see the Parenthetical Citations Tip Sheet and The Chicago Manual of Style database.

Reference List Quick Notes

  1. Center the word Reference List  at the top of the page and add two blank lines after.
  2. Use half-inch hanging indents for each entry. Go to paragraph> Special>Hanging.
  3. List the entries alphabetically.
  4. If you have multiple works by the same author, order the entries alphabetically by title.
  5. If you have 2-3 authors, write down all names. Use “and” and not an ampersand “&.”
  6. If you have entries with more than 3 authors, write down all the names on the Reference List. For in-text citation, use the author’s last name plus “et al.”

For more details and examples, see The Reference List Tip Sheet from The Chicago Manual of Style website.