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Copyright Crash Course

A quick guide to everything you have ever wanted to know about Copyright

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  • Creative Commons Homepage 

    The official website for Creative Commons here you will find all the information you will ever need related to the various licenses and how to apply them to your own work or how to share the work others have created. This site includes information about the licenses, instructions on building you own license, public domain images and more.

  • Best Practices for Attribution 

    A Wikipedia page created by Creative Commons and full of information on how to give proper attribution to CC works in your own work. Since there is not much out there about Creative Commons in style guides yet (it is too new) this is a great link to help.

  • Creative Commons Choose a License 

    Here you can create your license for your work by answering a series of questions and from your answer a license will be creative to protect the work the way you wish.