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Library Guide for Faculty & Staff During COVID-19

This guide is for faculty & staff who are off campus and need guidance on accessing library resources at Moorpark College during the COVID-19 closure.

Loaned Library Books

During the closure of the Moorpark College Library, books and other materials don’t need to be returned until the Library reopens. Due dates for materials are being extended until that time.  Students do not need to do anything to make this happen. There will be no fines or late fees during this period. Please disregard any late notice emails should they occur. If you have concerns or any problems related to this, simply come to the library once it is open again, or call 805-378-1450.

Directions to Moorpark College Library Book Drop

Step 1: Once you get to the library, when you are facing the front of the library, the book drop will be on the far left side of the building.

Step 2: Stay on the path/ramp that is attached to the library building, do not walk down the sidewalk. The book drop will be attached to the wall of the library building. You can drop your book in there.

Please check with the bookstore, if you have books borrowed from them.

Library Instruction Request Form

Librarians are available for Zoom library sessions during campus closure.