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Alma Share Page: Course Reserves

A collection of links and instructions to help navigate Alma

Reserves Clarification and Announcements

Some clarifications for Cataloging Reserve Materials: 

Due to changes in how we are being directed to handle records in the Network Zone, we will be adding ALL items in the Course Reserves/Lending area as brief records. This includes: Course Reserves, Textbook Lending, Dual Enrollment Titles, Professor Lended Titles. 

For Items in Question for Course Reserves Withdrawal:

These items will be split into two carts:

A) Items that can clearly be withdrawn (department donated books, professor no longer at MC, etc.). These items can move forward with regular withdrawal procedures (see "Withdrawing Items from Course Reserves" box).

B) Items that are in question for use. Items will be reviewed with a librarian before withdrawal.

Outstanding Jobs

1st Priority: Process Laptops and Build Laptop Lending in Alma

2nd Priority: Attach Instructors to Courses


Adding Items to Course Reserves

Withdrawing Items from Course Reserves