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History130 Colman: Selected Websites

Research Guide for U.S. History to 1877

Evaluating Web Pages

Whenever you are considering using a website as a source, it is very important that you review the contents in detail. An easy way to make a determination is to use Jim Kapoun's Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages:

  1. Accuracy - Can you find an actual author? Is the contact information provided correct? 
  2. Authority - Does the author have any credentials? Have they conducted any research? What makes them an expert? 
  3. Objectivity - Is the information biased? Are they linked to other organizations (especially commercial)? 
  4. Currency - When was the last update to this website? 
  5. Coverage - How in depth is the material? Is it basic, informative information you can get anywhere else?

There are many other resources to evaluate web pages. One of the more interesting examples is CSU Chico's CRAAP Test

Websites for Research and Fact Checking

The following sites are recommended for fact checking quotes and claims from the President of the United States: 

Below are some links to scanned text versions of the Federalist Papers (most with searchable text): 


Google Scholar

Questions on Google Scholar? Check out this link on how to use Google Scholar for effective research (courtesy of the University of Illinois).

You can set up Google Scholar so that if Moorpark College Library has your article, a "Get it at MC Library" link to the article will appear in the right-hand column of the results page.  Go to "Settings", then "Library Links" and then look up and save Moorpark College Library: