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English 1A - Agregan: Google Scholar

Set up your Google Scholar account

1) Go to Google Scholar (

2) Click on the option icon in the upper-left corner

3) Click on "Settings"

4) Open "library links"

5) Look up "Moorpark College Library," and select it from the results list

6) Save

How to use

A Google Scholar search will have a "Get it at MC Library" link in the right-hand column of the results page if our databases index the article. 

Keep in mind that not all results will actually be full-text; some may be citations or abstracts. 

In this example, EBSCOhost indexes this article.  Click the link to see if the library has the full-text of this article.


The fastest way to find good-quality, free resources is to use the library databases and catalog.  Use Google Scholar as a backup, only if you are unable to find enough information in the library.  Google Scholar adds additional steps to your online search: you must not only filter through many results to find an article you want, but you then must check to see if the Moorpark College library databases index the article.  Then you have to check to see if the indexing includes a full-text option.