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Anthropology M07: Peoples and Cultures of the World.Vaughan: Find Articles in Databases

Food and Cultures of the World

Selected General Databases

The library subscribes to a number of databases. There are two types of databases: general and subject. Which database you use depends on your topic and your research needs. A general database covers a variety of topics and may include both scholarly and popular sources. Subject databases specialize in a particular subject, and the sources indexed in them are generally from scholarly sources.

The eResources green buttons will give you access to the Moorpark College Library databases . The two buttons have the same content. The databases are just listed differently. These databases contain scholarly and professional articles, magazine and newspaper articles, reports, statistics, case studies, book chapters and eBooks. The databases on this page have been selected as being of particular value to your class.



Here, you're not only looking for scholarly journals, but for journals in which a panel of of experts/peers in the field reviews articles to decide whether they should be accepted for publication. Articles selected by this process are considered "peer-reviewed," or "refereed."

Note: Remember that editorial opinion pieces, book reviews, news articles are not peer-reviewed pieces even if they are a part of a peer-reviewed journal. Be sure to carefully evaluate each article.

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