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English1C Young: Books

Research guide for Dr. Young's English 1C class

Finding a Book in the Library

Using the online Moorpark College Library catalog allows you to search for books, ebooks, CDs, and DVDs. 

1) Type your search words into the provided box.

2) When you get your results, click on the “Locations” tab to retrieve the Call Number for a Book/DVD/CD in the MC library.

Status of Item

  • Not Charged = Available
  • Charged = Currently Checked Out

3) Write down the call number and find the two letter combination on the shelves:

  • (A-HN 2nd floor, HQ-Z 3rd floor)

4) Still can't find it? Come to the reference desk to ask the librarian for assistance. 

Checking Out Books in the Library

You will need your student ID number (900 number) to check out library materials. Simply take your materials to the circulation desk (pictured above) for checkout. 

Accessing eBooks

We carry thousands of unique eBooks that can be accessed remotely from any off-campus location. 

1) All eBooks that come up in your search results will be noted by green text that reads, "Online Access"

2) To open the book, click on the title and you will access the digital Table of Contents for the item. (note: if you are accessing this off-campus, you will be prompted to login to your MyVCCCD account). To access a specific chapter simply click on the chapter's title. To access the entire book, click on "eBook Full Text" or the download button. 

eBook Access Tips & Tricks

  1. Use the email feature to email yourself a specific chapter of an eBook that you are using. The chapter will show up in your email as a PDF file. 
  2. You may print 30-60 pages from an eBook by using the print feature. 
  3. Some eBooks can only be opened by one person at a time. If you open this book on a school computer, and then try to access it again on your laptop, it will tell you it is "in use" and cannot be opened. If the book you are wanting is "in use" please check back in about 30-60 minutes, to allow for check-in time.