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Business Law: Magazines/Journals in the Library

A guide for Business Law students at Moorpark College

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines

  Scholarly    Popular & General Interest
General Appearance Serious appearance; may contain graphs, charts, statistics, few pictures, known as "Peer-Reviewed" or "Refereed" or "Academic" Attractive in appearance, heavily illustrated with photos and ads
Writers of Articles Articles written by scholars and researchers in the field. Before publication, articles are reviewed and approved by subject specialists Usually free-lance or staff writers
Audience College students, faculty, scholars, or researchers General public
Purpose To report on original research or experimentation To provide information, news or to entertain the reader; also may be aimed to sell products or promote a particular point of view
Documentation Always cites sources and may include endnotes or a Works Cited page Sometimes cite their sources
Publisher Often a university, a research institution, or a professional organization Commercial enterprises or individuals
Examples Journal of Marriage and Family, American Historical Review, Social Problems, New England Journal of Medicine Ebony, Men's Journal, Good Housekeeping, People, Sports Illustrated,

Business Periodicals

Magazines are arranged alphabetically and kept in the periodicals section on the second floor of the library. To browse the following magazines online, click the "Publication Search" button in InfoTrac Academic OneFile and the "Publication" link at the top of the page in EBSCO Academic Search Complete and EBSCO Business Source Elite. Type the name of your magazine and start searching within the publication.

Selected Magazines Available in Print and Online

  1. Advertising Age (available online full text from 1996 to present through EBSCO Academic Search Complete)
  2. Barron's (retained for 6 months at the Circulation Desk)
  3. Economist (also available online from 1988 to present through InfoTrac Academic OneFile from 1988-)
  4. Forbes (also available online from 01/08/1990 to present through EBSCO Business Source Elite)
  5. Fortune (also available online from 1992 to present through EBSCO Business Source Elite)
  6. Harvard Business Review (also available online from 1997 to present through EBSCO Business Source Elite)
  7. Inc. (also available online from 1990 to present through EBSCO's Academic Search Complete)
  8. Kiplinger's Personal Finance(also available online from 2000 to present through EBSCO Business Source Elite and EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  9. Money (also available online from 1990 to present through EBSCO Academic Search Complete

Selected Magazines & Newspapers Available Online Only

  1. Adweek (available from 1989 to 2008 through InfoTrac Academic OneFile)
  2. Entrepreneur available through EBSCO Academic Search Complete
  3. New York Times, Late Edition  (East Coast) available online from 1980 to present through ProQuest National Newspapers
  4. Washington Post  available online from 1996 to present through ProQuest National Newspapers

Law Journals

  1. Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics available in print format in the periodicals section of the library from 2013. It is also available  online via EBSCO Academic Search Complete from 1995 and in LexisNexis from 2000.
  2. West's California Reporter shelved in the reference area for 4 years.

What is eJournals

eJournals allows you to access online freely accessible websites and full text journals available for use by currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. Users must log to MyVCCCD to access these publications.  

Look for these online full-text journals via the Moorpark College Library’s eJournals Portal.

1.      From the Library homepage, click the eJournals link.graphic showning the ejounals link

2.      Click the Subject tab. This allows browsing of journals by subject

3.      Select Law and click “GO.”

Choose your area from the subcategory and click “GO.” The list includes full text journal titles and the database or databases which contain the full text journal title.  You may browse the table of contents of the journal or search the database by subject