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Student Guide to the Library: Checking Out and Returning Materials

A guide to library services for students


How do I check out materials?
Please present the materials you wish to check out at the Circulation Desk. You will be prompted to key in your Student ID (900) number. If you do not know your student ID number, simply access your account to find it. The number can be found on your class schedule. The standard circulation period for books and CDs is three weeks; DVDs circulate for one week. We ask that you have no more than five items checked out to you at any one time. Fines are charged for overdue materials, so be sure to return your items on time. Materials may be renewed by phone or online, as long as no one else has requested the items. You may renew one time for an additional three weeks. Reserve materials circulate for a limited-loan period.

What if someone else has already checked out the material I need?
If the material you are interested in is not on the shelf, you may request at the Circulation Desk that a hold be placed on the item. A Hold ensures that you will be contacted when the item is returned to the library; you may then check it out.

What if the alarm goes off when I leave the building?
As you leave the building, you will  be exiting through the library's security system. All library materials are sensitized and will sound the alarm when taken through the exit gate, unless they are desensitized by the Circulation staff. Should the alarm sound, please return to the Circulation Desk, and a library staff member will be happy to help you.

Where do I return materials?
Please return library materials either inside the building through the slot in the Circulation Desk or outside on the east side of the building through the Book Return slot.