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Year of Technology and Humanity Research Guide: Primo Search

What is Primo?

Primo is the new search tool added to the Moorpark College Library in Spring 2013. It allows you to search across a number of resource collections:

  • All books, eBooks and other physical materials located in the Moorpark College Library
  • Reference materials, magazine, journal, and newspaper articles found in a select group of the library's databases
  • Content from primary and secondary publishers
  • Books and other materials located in the Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura College libraries

IMPORTANT: The Moorpark College Library has databases with information that is not found through PRIMO. We recommend you search these databases by clicking the eResources Alphabetized List or the eResources Subject List green buttons on the Library Resources page. Check with the reference librarian for assitance in determining the best database to use for you.


Using Primo for Research

From the Library Resources page, use the pull down menu to determine what type of search you will be conducting.


To learn more about using Primo, check the following links:

Primo Search Tool Guide
Using Primo, the New Search Tool Tutorial