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Alma Share Page: Home

A collection of links and instructions to help navigate Alma


Please add the Notifications to your Alma landing page. 

In the top right hand corner there is a black plus sign that will read, "Manage Widgets" when you hover over it. Add Tasks to your home screen. You will be notified of any direct actions you need to take, specifically the Pick From Shelf List which will trigger any time someone requests an item. 


Thank you to the Circ Team for all their hard work on completing the Reserves and Textbook Lending collection! Thank you to Lipo for getting us through the busy season with his morale boosters. 

Some clarifications for Cataloging Reserve Materials: 

FIRST ATTEMPT: Items should be added through copy cataloging first.

SECOND ATTEMPT: If you cannot find the item via the ME Editor, then add the item as a physical item (see directions in LibGuide) 

Instructions on how to withdraw items from Alma has now been posted

If you need reports that are not available in the canned list, please let me know and we can build them. - Danielle